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My Story

The start of a journey

I have debated for months on whether “my story’ should be a blurb on my website. Decision made that I did want you to know my story! It was a Tuesday afternoon as I sat on an examination table in my doctor’s office. I recall a small cold room mostly empty except for the examination table and a small sitting stool on wheels. Walls painted in dull grey doing little for my scared waiting soul. This is where I was after an ultrasound, which had been ordered as a result of 6 months of excruciating pain episodes. Why did it take me 6 months to go to a doctor?  I owe that to my mom and her deafening words in my ears after my last episode “ you will die if you don’t go to a doctor? Yes in my head Die and Doctor made sense. So here I was waiting in my doctor’s office for the verdict!

My gastroenterologist is a wonderful sweet Egyptian man; he is friendly and very caring. I say, “is” because he still exists but not on my speed dial. He entered the room and sat down on the little stool on wheels and announced in a very think accent “you have gall bladder stones – many!! You need to have surgery! He demanded I schedule it with Aida (his office assistant) for the coming Saturday – yes 3 days later I was to be admitted to a hospital for surgery. I had never had surgery! Broken limbs, cuts and bruises, flu, food poisoning but never surgery! So now I was to join the club of brave people who had experienced surgery and were often asked about the mystery scar somewhere on their person! I sat down on the floor of my living room, scared no actually petrified, alone with thoughts racing through my head. All this time there was this faint voice that kept saying, “You don’t need surgery!” As I have always been inclined to choose the less traveled path in my life (especially when in includes pain)

Sonia Bhatia | Your Health Coach

I chose to listen to that voice. No surgery! Next two days I read, researched and studied the whole story about gall bladder stones. Then I decided to take the power back into my own hands and fix my health and my body! Fast forward to three years later! There was no surgery, I still have and own my gall bladder and there are no “mystery” scars to talk about on my body!


This was my first footprint on the path of my health journey! The change in my diet and nutrition, exercise and my overall life everyday made me feel free, happy and full of life affirming energy. That amazing feeling of rejuvenation and youth made me passionate about health and wellness. I now believed that our body could heal itself if given a chance and if nurtured with good food and a healthy lifestyle. I realized this was my passion and my calling.


After 22 years in the corporate world I was ready to make a huge career change. I enrolled in school to study Diet, Nutrition and overall wellness. A year later I graduated from The Institute for integrative Nutrition with my certification of Integrative Nutrition health Coach!


I started my health journey after a health scare but did it alone. No one shared my decision to “fix” my health in a natural holistic way by focusing on what I ate and how I replenished my body. It was a very lonely journey and I often wanted to quit! Through health coaching I could be there for people who are in my shoes. I could be their partner and their guide to a healthier happier life.


I have walked in your shoes and I have felt the pain and the challenge of not feeling healthy. If you like my story and can relate and want to see the same change in yourself call me so we can have that one conversation that can change your life!!

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