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What clients are saying

Food is Medicine

- AJ. R

May 03, 2017

Sonia is one of the most extraordinary individuals I have ever come across. She is professionally exceptional and personally absolutely committed towards my goals. She has an in depth knowledge and insight of her craft that reflects years of painstaking research and study as well as hands on experiences. As a health professional, I as well as my family trust Sonia totally to help us on our journey. She has been instrument in helping us achieve our goals. Her total immersed and dedicated approach is incomparable. She actually lives your life and engineers change from within. Any person who trains with Sonia is blessed. Opportunities to team up with such dedicated and motivated individuals are rare and must be fully utilized. 

Small changes make a huge difference

- S.N

May 03, 2017

Sonia is THE health coach you need if you don't want your diet to become a manic obsession that sends you up the wall and leaves you grumpy, frazzled all day. What she gets you to do (with a lot of care, compassion and a healthy dose of humor!) is practical, sustainable, thoroughly effective and best of all, enjoyable. I kept blaming my thyroid condition for the low-energy, lethargic rut I had fallen into, but along came Sonia and helped me bounce back with an elegantly managed, nutrition rich diet.

Health equals hope

- Emm

May 03, 2017

I was hesitant to hire a health coach but on interacting with Sonia, I was thrilled and surprised to see a ‘workable’ plan that motivates me to eat healthy. Sonia provides me personal feedback and advice, which has made me realize my strengths and weakness and guide me to my goal of physical fitness and body weight management. A health coach who analysis my habits and gives positive feedback along with helpful hints to improve is absolutely wonderful. What I like best is the constant guidance and the free wheeling question-answer opportunities. With Sonia’s constant guidance, I started feeling healthy and energetic right away including reducing my weight. I have more than achieved my target of losing 10 % weight in two months and without counting calories. I find myself with abundant energy to keep me going with a smile through my otherwise tough work routine and be productive at the end of the day to retire for a fitful sleep to regenerate my vigor. All these lifestyle changes and constant counseling from Sonia has made me a more positively oriented person and ever so energetic. Thanks much Sonia for being a true friend, mentor and guide to help us lead healthier lives.

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